hit by bus while walking

Florida Pedestrian Accidents

Did you know that Florida is the #1 state for pedestrian deaths? A study ending in 2014 put Florida pedestrian fatalities are at a 10-year high, with over 5,000 people killed while walking in Florida from 2004-2014. In South Florida, the total was 1,508 deaths. Accidents often occur crossing the street, jogging, skating, or waiting on the sidewalk. Mark Bidner and the Bidner Injury Law firm recommend that you never talk, text, or wear earphones while crossing the street. These distractions may prevent you from seeing or hearing an oncoming car, truck, bus, or bike.

While walking down the street, pedestrians are required to use the sidewalk. If no sidewalk is provided, than they are allowed to walk on on the opposite side of the road, to the far left as possible and facing oncoming traffic.

Some causes of pedestrian accidents:

  • Drunk driving: Drivers under the influence of alcohol have decreased reaction times, more likely to run a red light, or not see a person walking across the street.
  • Distracted driving: Texting or talking on the phone has quickly risen to be a major cause in the rise of pedestrian deaths.
  • Illegal speeding: When exceeding the speed limit, a motorist has decreased reaction times. This results in the inability to avoid people crossing the road.
  • Failure to yield: Drivers are required to yield right-of-way to pedestrians before entering an intersection. Failure to do so may result in driver liability.
  • Poor street design: Many roads have fast moving cars and poor pedestrian infrastructure. If crosswalks are poorly visible, loc

What to do when in a pedestrian accident in Florida:

  1. Exchange information with drivers and witnesses.
  2. Make a police report to document the accident.
  3. Take numerous photos of accident site and injuries.
  4. Go to hospital as soon as possible. Some injuries may present themselves days later.
  5. Consult an experienced Florida pedestrian accident attorney.

Recovering from an pedestrian accident and determining responsibility can be a very difficult task. You deserve to be compensated fully for the injuries you have suffered because of the negligence of another. Bidner Injury Law has the experience and knowledge to fight for what you rightfully deserve.

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