Rodelio Pascua 3/21/2019. Great Lawyer

Mark was recommended by another firm after calling about 3 firms you hear in T.V. or radio commercials. Mark made it happens when no one wants to touch my case due to no police report. Mark got me a settlement. Thanks Mark!

Yvette Mathis 5/5/2018.

Attorney Mark Bidner is a great attorney I must say. He will always keep you up to date on your case. You can call Attorney Mark Bidner anytime of the day & he will always be available to answer any questions you may have.He is very professional & very understanding. He cares about you as a person.Great experience! !Thank you!

Anni 1/17/2018. Excellent attorney

I was referred to attorney Mark Bidner by another law firm, because they were not able to take my case. I contacted the firm and spoke to Mark Bidner directly, after 6pm when most firms are closed. I explained my accident and after we discussed my case, he informed me that it would not be worth filing a case because in the end I would waste my time and after everything is paid I would receive slim to none from the settlement. Though he would not make any money from helping me, he told me I shouldn’t hesitate to reach out if I needed any help. I took his offer and contacted him concerning some pain I was having following the accident. Once again he did not seize to impress me. Mr. Bidner, went above and beyond to assist me, despite knowing he wouldn’t not profit in any way. He contacted a doctor and explained my case, and within 15 minutes of ending the phone call with him I was setting up an appointment with the doctor. I cannot thank him enough for going out of his way to ensure I get proper treatment, knowing he does not benefit from helping me. I’ve already told everyone I know about how great of an attorney/person Mark Bidner is. I’m not one to leave reviews but everyone needs to know how great he is.

Anonymous 11/23/2017. Personal Injury Case

Mark Bidner practices law with a human touch. He made himself available at any time of the day, to discuss my case. He worked diligently, with a fine tooth comb, to get me the settlement a big law firm was not able to. I highly recommend Mark. He is up for any challenge, no matter the size of the settlement.

Ana McCrimmon 11/17/2017. Outstanding Representation

A lawyer with a human, personal touch, who will answer your calls directly at any hour of the day. Highly recommend! Very satisfied!

Tim 10/19/2017. Car Accident Case

Bidner Injury Law and attorney Mark Bidner handled my case both professionally and personally. I was always able to reach my lawyer the same day or next. Never had to deal with assistants or paralegals. Got me a fantastic settlement, much better than I expected. Great personal attention. Thank you Mark!

Anonymous 10/11/2017. Excellent Lawyer, Excellent Results

After getting subpar work at a large firm that dumped me because they were inept, Mark Bidner took the case and got an astounding settlement. Only lawyers handle cases at his firm, NOT paralegals. Mark Bidner is an excellent lawyer!

Kelie 10/6/2017. Injury/Car Accident

After a year of dealing with the assistant of the lawyer (whose name I don’t know) and not getting any results, my case was then handled by Mr. Bidner and in a matter of 4 months he was able to close it out. Mr. Bidner is amazing!!!! Hands down. He communicated step by step the process, in detail and precise. Every time I called, he answered. Never spoke with an assistant or secretary or answering machine. It was great always being able to speak directly to him. He was able to reduce my medical bills to almost non existent, which that was a win on its own AND STILL managed to get me profits. Excellent service all around. Very grateful my case was handled by him. Thank you Mark!!!!

Donna 10/6/2017. Great Personal Attention

Attorney Mark Bidner did a fantastic job on my case. He took my case when other lawyers would not. Do to his personal efforts, I went from a situation of owing my doctors over $17,000.00 to having my bills reduced to $550.00 and received a net settlement of over 39,000.00. He always returned my calls himself within less that 24 hours. Greatest personal attention which really made me feel like he was MY lawyer.